Would you agree that robotics in academics is important?

Would you agree that robotics in academics is important?

While some people believe in the highly positive effects of robotics others are really concerned about how robots are taking over people.

In today’s technology-driven world, robotics is gaining a lot of traction. We can’t deny how technology has changed everything people do things in every part of the world. From restaurants and industries to daily living at home, robots are playing a major role in making our lives easier. Likewise, the more innovation will come into action, the easier our life becomes. And such innovations can help solve our world problems. Hence, it has now become important more than ever to prepare students for the future. And, robotics can do that.

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Learning robotics at a young age help increase the ability to be creative and innovative thinkers. Tanmay Bakshi, the tech prodigy who started using computers at age five, launched his first app at age nine and has been working with IBM’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) and cognitive APIs for a couple of years now. He is just 15 and is an inspiration to many.

From the early developments of robotics, students are gaining huge benefits, not just for the present, but also for the foreseeable AI future. It gives a unique experience where science and technology meet creativity and fun.

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Learners can do cool stuff with robotics which encourages them to use their creative thinking skills and develop new things. The hands-on learning activities enhance concentration and attention levels of the kids. It also helps them to be prepared for current and upcoming technological changes. Developing programming skills and understanding how robots work in such an age is a hard nut to crack. While cracking the nuts, the working environment helps develop the quality of determination and perseverance. At the end when the robot works and they start to interact, there is no other fun that can match the experience.

Breaking new ground in learning robotics, Oakridge International School brings competitive events in its every campus that involve the young minds designing and building their own robots. The school in its Mohali campus organizes Oak Robo Championship every year.


This year, the event outshined the team spirit in kids and gave that unique experience which combined creativity with fun. Oakridge, one of the top international schools in Mohali believes that minds have greater power to achieve and perceive. In this wider platform, while children making their own robots, they enhanced their knowledge in Robotics by understanding the details of the competition and giving shape to their imaginations.

Together, let’s help their imaginations turn into robots.

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