Indian Hockey Player Mir Ranjan Negi shares his inspirational journey with Oakridge School Students

Indian Hockey Player Mir Ranjan Negi shares his inspirational journey with Oakridge School Students

The inspiration behind Shahrukh Khan – starrer Bollywood hit ‘Chak De! India’, Mir Ranjan Negi recently visited Oakridge, one of the best CBSE Schools in Chandigarh and spoke about his life and love for hockey as part of the OAK INSPIREON talk series. The entire school gathered to meet the real-life Kabir Khan from Chak De! India movie.

 Oakridge School Students

In his session, he shared his personal experiences with the young Oakridgers. He enlightened them thoroughly with the different challenges that were faced by him and how it had impacted him and his life. Negi was the goalkeeper for the Indian national field hockey team in 1982 Asian Games final. During his term, he came through many ups and downs which he confronted like a lionheart. There’s nothing that could stop him chasing for his dreams and pursuing his passion for hockey. While he was accused of slandering, he started coaching the Indian women’s national field hockey team that won gold at the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

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His story encouraged kids to be passionate about their own ambitions and never lose hope as the hardships make a person tough. The life journey shared by Mr. Negi was heart touching, it motivated the little learners to be caring and compassionate, to rise in life by facing the challenges confidently. He inspires and motivates the young and budding learners, to fight against all the odds, believe in oneself and keep doing the great things. “It felt so proud to be at Oakridge, watching these kids who are studying at the No.1 IB school in Punjab which provides an immaculate environment and high-level professionalism. I think education is in real-life experience, beyond books. The kind of creativity and initiatives, kids at Oakridge project is no less than the professionals.‘Way to Ambulance’ is one such initiative, which is truly incredible” says Mir Ranjan Negi.

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