Celebration of One Nation Reading Together

Celebration of One Nation Reading Together


The mind is a muscle and it needs exercise. Doing the exercise of reading, it helps develop the mind. Apart from understanding the written word, the young children grow the ability to use vocabulary and develop language skills. This apart, reading also expands listening skills which help focus on understanding what someone else is communicating.

Reading is the sole means by which you break away and enter into some other world instantly. Because reading let us discover new things. Be it reading books, magazines or news, if a person knows how to read and engross all it has as a learning factor, can educate themselves in any sphere of life that they are interested in. In today’s world, there is no lack of information anywhere, all it needs to read, understand and absorb.

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Reading also enhances the knowledge and thinking skills of every person. As it helps develop imagination. The more we read, the more we imagine. The more we imagine, the more is the chance of dreaming big and making them successful. With reading, one can go any part of this world. The possibilities are endless. To some extent, non-readers are unable to experience these joys. Developing the pleasure for reading in students as well as others, Oakridge, one of the top CBSE schools in Chandigarh celebrated ‘One Nation Reading Together (ONRT)’.

Nation Reading Together

Oakridge International School Library this year conducted the ONRT’ 2018 on 30th November to bring together the whole school community including drivers and sub-staff. It was a mesmerizing sight, seeing everyone read and entering other worlds! The core objective is to motivate everyone towards reading and inculcate in them the same habit. The half an hour rides of reading and a respite from a busy schedule was a spellbound sight to witness.

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We at Oakridge, Mohali Campus, continuously encourage the children to read and cultivate the reading habit. There are many interesting activities conducted for students for this purpose. ONRT is a programme initiated by Scholastic and the junior school students were a part of ONRT — One Nation Reading Together programme celebrated throughout the nation.

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