130 School students came together at Oakridge Mohali to discuss and address a range of pressing global issues

130 School students came together at Oakridge Mohali to discuss and address a range of pressing global issues

On August 10th and 11th, Oakridge International School in Mohali held its fourth OISM Model United Nations (MUN) Conference. OAK Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the largest international organization, the United Nations, which aims to educate students about current affairs, topics in international relations, diplomacy, and the United Nations. During the event, student delegates take on roles of international diplomats and ambassadors in various organizations and agencies of the United Nations and tackle some of the most pressing global issues.

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The theme of the MUN was Peace and Human Rights bringing to light the injustice faced by many across the world. Over 130 students from across various schools in the region came together to understand and debate global issues. Held over two days, students exchanged ideas on the solutions to some of the most pressing issues currently facing 38 different countries. There were six committees role-played by the students; UNHRC, UNSC, WHO, UNOICT, UNEP, and DISEC; each presented resolutions to the concerns regarding peace and justice.

OISM MUN at Oakridge International School in Mohali

The World Health Organization (WHO) committee functioned over one of the major health concerns i.e., the ‘Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)’. Students discussed and presented a plethora of possible solutions such as countries to label GM food, countries to ban and forbid patents on GM crops, etc. United Nations Office for Information and Communication Technology (UNOICT) worked on countering cyber-security attacks and establishing cyber-security strategies in the digital age. Some of the amazing solutions given by the committee included nations to launch quantum hack–proof satellite which will provide a hack-proof medium of communication, raising awareness of online Cyber Crime among the general public by celebrating anti-Cyber month and more. Combating land desertification and drought, combating terrorism, security of journalists and other civilian workers in conflict areas and the issue of Impunity, regulation and control of private military contractors were some of the other pressing issues that the other committees UNEP, UNSC, UNHRC, DISEC worked on respectively.


Mr Victor Ochen, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and UN Ambassador for SDG GOAL 16 Peace and Justice from Uganda shared an encouraging video message with the aspiring delegates, focusing on the importance of Peace and Justice in one’s nation and the efforts required to achieve the same. Mr. Nitin Verma, Senior Project Manager, Infosys, Chandigarh graced the programme as the Chief Guest and appreciated the enthusiastic participation of the students in such events. In the closing ceremony, all the winners of OISM MUN 2018 including best chairs were announced by the School Principal Ramanjit Ghuman and presented with awards. She culminated the conference with applauds and appreciation saying, “The efforts put in by the students during the course of discussion and deliberation over the prevalent global issues was remarkable. Their thought process should not remain limited to the occurrence of such events, however, these viewpoints should keep on tinkering their think tanks on each and every step they tread.” Oakridge, know to be one of the best Schools in Chandigarh hosts the MUN conference every year to provide a platform for children to discuss, debate and create a vision for a peaceful and secure world.

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