Kids are up to something very special, something that can change the world forever!

One early morning, Srihitha realized that of all the basic necessities in life, food stands topmost. The feeling of hunger can drive people insane and make them weak both physically and mentally. It is then she decided, she wanted to do something that can at least take away this feeling of hunger from the world, even if it is for just one day.

With help of her parents, she prepared and packed food for over a hundred people. Holding this packed food in containers; she went around on the streets near her house and fed anyone she could find who needed some nourishment. Some of these street dwellers were in such weakened condition that they could not even hold the plate but without a moment of hesitation, Srihitha fed them with her very own hands.  A sight that would surely melt your heart!

Like Srihitha Suryadevara, hundreds of Oakridgers are performing various acts of kindness across the city today. Be it finding a shelter for a lost dog, or a musical performance for cancer patients or giving away blankets to street dwellers, Oakridgers are doing it all.

The kids of Oakridge had started the #KindnessCalling initiative about a month ago and are urging everyone to perform just one act of kindness every day. “If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.” – Unknown

 Over 200 acts have already been done and more are in progress as you read this blog. Take a look at some of the acts done by kids that are adding smiles all around.

So take part in Kindness Calling initiative by following the below steps and help our kids make an impact

  1. Do your act of Kindness and capture this on camera
  2. Post this on your page, with the #Kindnesscalling and tag Oakridge International School
  3. And also mention the names of your friends on the post, whom you wish to give this challenge to.




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