Young Oakridgers flaunt their awe-inspiring entrepreneurial skills at the trade fair

Young Oakridgers flaunt their awe-inspiring entrepreneurial skills at the trade fair

Have you ever witnessed multiple talents under one roof?

Well, recently our budding yet passionate exhibitors put their talents on display. The students of grade 4 participated in the trade fair held at Oakridge – one of the best International Schools in Hyderabad, showcased and demonstrated some amazing products created by themselves. The atmosphere was electric. The children were stunning with their marketing and selling skills. The energy and enthusiasm used by the students were truly remarkable.

The trade fair had various stalls of innovative ideas including daily use products, cosmetics, stationery, and many interactive games and challenges that are scripted by the students themselves. Crafty Drafty, Booklets, Blingy Things were a few stalls that the kids named for selling their products.

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A bunch of kids enhanced some stationary materials with shimmery stuff to make it attractive and sold them at a cost of Rs.20. They also had a lucky draw activity in their stall with a board written as, “BUY HERE AND GET A CHANCE TO BE A PART OF OUR LUCKY DRAW!!” The audience was astonished to see such creative skills in kids at this age.

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On the other side, there were a group of girls put up a stall of nail art whereas another group was selling handmade bracelets, bookmarks, notepads, etc. These kids also used giveaway marketing skills for every purchase. This is known to be one of the successful ideas often use for promotional purposes.

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There were numerous other products showcased in the trade fair each using superb marketing skills, but there was one stall that pulled the attention of many. One of the girls in a stall was selling a book that was so interactive and interesting written by herself which she named “The Selfish Bees”. These kids also collected the reflection of the audiences that really encouraged the zeal of each student participating so enthusiastically. Most of the products were costing just around Rs.20. Above all of these, these young kids amazed the audience with the way they packaged the products, the level of excitement they showcased to sell them and the effort they put in. The money that students collected in the fair was given for CAS by the kids.

In a nutshell, the fair was fun-filled, simply brilliant and the products were fantastic.

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