Why is it important for children to start learning how to build robots?

Why is it important for children to start learning how to build robots?

In today’s technology-driven world, preparing students for future has become more important than ever. Teaching students robotics during their education can increase their ability to be creative and innovative thinkers. One of the most important reasons for a robotics curriculum is that it introduces students to various scientific knowledge, concepts, and skills required for them to understand the futuristic world of information-based technology. A technology that is highly interactive, adaptive and autonomous.

It provides the perfect fit for a good pedagogy that focuses mainly on problem-based learning, integration, and application of knowledge, hands-on learning in like-minded groups, and demonstrable mastery of new learning.

Many top international schools in India have already recognized the importance of robotics in the classroom and have begun to create programs that would incorporate their education system. Oakridge is one such school, which unleashes a host of new opportunities to forge the education, as a result, conducts various robotic programs across the nation. It supports STEM learning to execute high standards of education that bring coding, robotics and other such aspects in the classroom. STEM is based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Kids can think long-term opportunity through STEM learning.

Initially, the students use LEGO educational kits and software to learn how to build their own robots. They assemble motors, sensors and other pieces together where they can let their imaginations give wings to their creativity. This helps them in developing their logical reasoning and programming skills through an interactive and visual medium.

The school believes that teaching the basics of robotics can open a whole new world to the young students and exciting opportunities that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Oakridge, one of the best IB Schools in Hyderabad has been one such school that has taken Robotics learning to the next level. A host of workshops, courses are conducted regularly on-campus to help kids learn this skill-set and thereby benefit from the multiple outcomes this new enterprising subject has to offer.

Oakridgers have not only learned this but also have excelled at it with several of them winning major recognition in Robotics Olympiad across the world. Oakridger Arnav Khurma recently won the International Robotronics Competition held in Beijing. While another student Arjun Agarwal won the Robofest World Championships held in Florida. In a recently held Junior High Category of World Robot Olympiad – WRO 2017 Hyderabad Regional Championship, Oakridge student Abhijin along with his team TEQQ -Televisors won the first position and made it to the national championship.

Robotics could be the future of learning and is possibly begin now!

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