Why field trips play an important role in today’s education world?

Why field trips play an important role in today’s education world?

Today, the power of real-world experience is crystal clear. In the present scenario, students are visual learners. School field trip is a one such effective education activity for the students that help facilitate fast and efficient learning. It is, therefore, many schools have long acknowledged the value of school field trips. Because memorizing through what we see is much easier than what we read from the books.

Field trips like a visit to historic sites, zoos, libraries, factories, or hospitals can be effectively enriching for students as they are exposed to real-world experiences and new ideas. These are educational as well as entertaining. Students not only learn the most influential lessons but also have fun with their friends. Instead of just reading and writing in the classroom, schools are taking the effort to offer outdoor learning to students through such educational field trips. These trips can contribute to better student outcomes in school and beyond.

Among the bundles of benefits that a field trip offer, one of the most important thing is they tend to gain a better understanding of topics, build cultural understanding and tolerance. Outdoor learning provide students to see new things and learn about them in a more unstructured way. Hence, students experience a more holistic, integrated picture of the lessons unlike in the classroom.

Through all-round awareness and development, Oakridge, one of the top International Schools in Hyderabad is one among them which strives to make students conscious of the real world around. The school has always believed on the positive effects of live-learning. In line with this, the school conducts various creative learning methods to which field trips are an addition and are important because students are able to engage themselves with content in a variety of easier ways to imbibe the learning.

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