What it takes to make it to Top Universities of the world?

What it takes to make it to Top Universities of the world?

Cambridge, Yale, Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, Imperial, Stanford – these are among the world’s top universities, and institutions that have great appeal. No wonder it inspires awe in many students as well as their parents considering degree study. While getting admissions into one of these universities is a hard nut to crack. Overall, it has become increasingly challenging as more students apply for the same.

Let us discuss what are the top important things that these universities look for when they select new undergraduate students. What can the students do to help their chances of getting a place?

Getting into top universities, applicants need to have stellar grades and test scores. This means good grades in school examinations and a good score in any additional tests. Ambitious students must need to think about taking rigorous courses that they can do well in and get high scores in academics. But, this is not it! This is just like only half the battle towards the admission. In addition, they may also need to submit some additional work and tests to boost the portfolio in order to gain a top place in these above-mentioned universities.

These top universities of the world look for more than just the good grades. Mostly they look for well-rounded future students, who have really higher chances of adding something really special to the university experience. Be it about being outstanding at sports, having excellent problem-solving skills, extra-curricular involvement, any artistic talent or a really exceptional volunteering record. Because among the thousands of applicants to these most selective universities will already have high enough grades to make them eligible for admission. It is only the other things that an applicant can bring to student life will often be a decisive factor.

A student having a unique talent or accomplishments outside the classroom will definitely give more chances to get in it to one of these top universities. He/she must have a strong story to tell about academic achievements, potential, and interest in studying in that particular university.

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This apart, during the interview with one of these top universities of the world, the personal statement should say it all. The student must highlight the passion for the subject he/she have chosen. The admissions tutors will look for how genuinely the student is excited and curious to study whatever the course is. Whether one has undertaken a project outside the curriculum, or have read books beyond what the school requires.At Oakridge, students get opportunities to explore all the areas of talents and expose their skills to the world. Be it the “International programs” like Oakridge’s Columbia Business Program, Global Entrepreneurship and innovation Course, SGLI – Student Global Leadership Institute, Oxford Summer courses, TED Talks, OAK Model United Nation and OAK Junior Model United Nation, and Ocean Conservation Program or the “Inspired Leaders Academy” which offers the best educational programs like Robotics, Cyber Security Awareness Program, Prefect Leadership Camps, etc. The school has left no stone unturned in order to make the students’ portfolios, strong and that’s what makes Oakridge, one of the top international schools in India. To know more about the school and the curriculum, visit our school website here.

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