Verdantus 2018 – Young kids raising awareness of environmental protection

Verdantus 2018 – Young kids raising awareness of environmental protection

One way to keep yourself alive is to keep the earth alive

Environment pollution is one of the greatest problems that the world is facing today. Due to which, the earth is battling with many major issues such as Climate Change, Ocean pollution, and more. Let it be the air we breathe, the water we drink or the soil we use for plantation, all contribute to the health problems as well as to the wildlife and ecosystems which is causing irreparable damage with about 40% of deaths worldwide. It is, therefore, students of Grade 6-12 from schools across Hyderabad gathered at South Asia’s largest environmental conference, Verdantus 2018. This was the third edition of Verdantus organized by Oakridge International School Hyderabad at its campus on 11 and 12 August 2018.

At this two-day conference, student delegates from across 15 Best schools in Hyderabad role-played as diplomats and explored on various environmental pressing issues in a global context. They represented as international committees simulating environmental-related organizations, debated and discussed on the major environmental challenges and created peaceful resolutions. Students shared their views regarding Marine Environment Protection, Climate Change, Greenpeace and more. Verdantus had a newly introduced committee this year called The Riverdale Committee, which was keenly focused more onto the corporate world and discussed on the Hiram Lodge’s alleged disposal of lead pollutants into the Sweetwater River has claimed the lives of 12 Riverdale citizens. The main conclusion drawn was that more work must be put into identifying the 12 victims of the lead pollution as well as the specificities of their deaths, numerous citizens questioned Minetta’s motives due to his alleged collisions with Hiram Lodge. This apart, these upcoming problem-solvers help to raise awareness of how human actions cause environmental pollution and how it can be renewed.

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Ms. Sharada Rao, CEO at Blackbuck Engineers Executive Education graced the event as the chief guest and outlined key environmental issues related to resources such as water, forests, energy, human resource and global climate change during her keynote address. She also enlightened the students with environmental applications of contemporary technologies such as AI and motivated them to adopt grass-root practical solutions to some of these issues.

VERDANTUS 2018 at oakridge

Verdantus aims to provide an engaging platform for students in the form of a MUN/COP conference focused solely on ‘Environmental Issues’ to educate and empower students to be problem-solvers by letting them participate in healthy discussions and vigorous debates. It challenges students to broaden their perspectives and views, undertake responsibility for their own actions and develop their skills in the process. At Verdantus, students are motivated to learn and share their thoughts with others while paving their path to becoming accelerators of change in the future.

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