Things kids do to help protect our rivers!

Things kids do to help protect our rivers!

Water is known as the elixir of life. It is essential for many purposes in our daily walks of life. So, we need to understand the value of each water drop and save it to save life on the earth. India has essentially grown along the banks of major rivers. Since the past many centuries, these rivers have embraced and nourished many civilizations. Thus, rivers have been an integral part of our lives since ages.

But, unfortunately, today, the state of many rivers in the country has been deteriorating at a rapid pace. Also, they are at a dangerous level of depletion. Until, unless we don’t take this unpleasant situation into notice and take action, the rivers would get polluted. In addition, the menace of river pollution will directly affect our health causing several serious diseases. Research says, by 2030 we will have only 50% of the water we need for our survival. 25% of India is turning into a desert and today we have 75% less water per person than in 1947. So, it’s our responsibility to save the water bodies and keep it clean.

To bring forth real solutions to such problem and to reverse this decline and revive our rivers, Isha Foundation, a non-profit spiritual organization founded in 1992 by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has launched a breakthrough campaign called ‘Rally for Rivers’ to save the lifelines of this nation. This is a campaign to create awareness that our rivers are depleting and everyone who consumes water must rally for rivers. It promotes tree-based agriculture on farmland. In a nutshell, it involves maintaining a minimum of one-kilometer tree cover on riversides is essential to rejuvenate India’s rivers.

With an aim to develop mindsets for compassion and caring for the future generation, Oakridge, one of the top International Schools in Hyderabad encourages students to participate in activities for good cause. The school has taken up the campaign Rally for Rivers where students get opportunities to participate in this mammoth movement. Poster making and performing arts on the theme of saving water are some of the activities they participate to promote solutions to keep the rivers clean and to drive awareness about the importance of river water preservation.

Let’s encourage our future generations to keep water and our environment clean and safe!

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