The YouTube sensations share secrets of success at TILE Oakridge

The YouTube sensations share secrets of success at TILE Oakridge

Conversations with innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs are inaccessible to the students that need them the most. They’re too expensive, too selective or simply unsuitable for youth. But what if every student had access to free, live, participatory conversations with the luminaries they look up to? This is exactly what was achieved by TILE Oakridge, which was hosted on the 16th of August within the MPH of Oakridge International School Newton Campus, one of the Top International Schools in Hyderabad.

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TILE (Talks on Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship) is the world’s largest conversation series and a worldwide network of independent student-run chapters hosting free, accessible conversations with fascinating people. Organized by Vinay Kanigicherla, Veda Choudary and Shreya Kollipara, three students from IBDP 1 from Oakridge’s Newton Campus, TILE Oakridge 2018 provided over a hundred young and bright minds with the opportunity to interact with three local innovators and entrepreneurs.

Oakridge TILE at Newton Campus

This year, the guest speakers were none other than Harsha Chemudu, Sabarish Kandregula and Shanmukh Jashwanth from the beloved viral sensation YouTube channel, “The VIVA”. These three members were behind the creation of the YouTube channel, which has 10 lakh subscribers, as well as the hilarious viral video “The Viva”, which captivated young viewers around India propelling these regular college students to internet fame.

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The event comprised of a 30-minute on-stage interview with our guests, which was followed by a 30-minute question-answer session with the audience wherein the students and speakers interacted and engaged in meaningful conversation. Through the event, the guest speakers enlightened the students by sharing their own story and how they were able to achieve success and provided students with invaluable ideas and advice regarding everything from overcoming obstacles and hardships to dealing with external pressures while following your dream. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the event, gaining knowledge and making memories which they will truly never forget.

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