The value and importance of sports for child development

The value and importance of sports for child development

Early age is the most critical time for health and important years of development. It is the time when a child should get involved in sports activity even for a small time all through the day. Sports play a great role in education and help in keeping students healthy, wealthy and active. Be it the outdoor sports like football, cricket, volleyball, hockey, and running or the indoor sports like brain games, chess, and Sudoku, such activities benefits in many ways. A healthy body not only helps with physical strength but also increases mental power and concentration level. It improves both physical and mental toughness as a result leads to a healthy mind and contribute towards great achievements. Other than physical well-being, there are many other skills comes as a bunch of significant benefits such as punctuality, patience, discipline, teamwork, dedication and more.

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Sports requires the fastest reflexes which involve automatic movements a body performs in reaction to an object or event.  Players must rely on the responsiveness of their muscle reflexes to direct their mind and act immediately. Honing such muscular movements comes naturally in a given competitive situation, which students would learn at an early age in the school.

Risk taking is apparently an inevitable part of many sports without which one cannot improve, grow, or achieve the athletic goals. While participating in sports activities, they get to test their own ability, effort and preparation putting their self-identity, self-esteem, goals, hopes, and dreams on the line. They learn to push their limits, while getting out of their comfort zone, and confronting failure, so that, when the risk pays off, they will experience success as they pursue their athletic goals in future.

On the other hand, it makes the brain work better as a result hones their synergy between mind-body which is one of the most important and must-have quality in sports in order to achieve the athletic goals. All these qualities help the child development in some way.

Risk taking in sports

Therefore, sportsmanship has to be inculcated from an early stage and that is precisely the aim of Oakridge, one of the best schools in Hyderabad. The school is dedicated to widen the talent pool and increase the participation levels hence provide opportunities for students to try a much wider variety of sports so that they can lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. Among various types of sports and games, students are highly trained in soccer, cricket, tennis, swimming, and basketball apart from other regular academics in their school time and after school hours through extra innings. It not only helps in identifying their talent but also provides extra coaching to the talented players. Eventually, students get exposure to various competitions and rigors of sports through inter and intra school matches and then to perform in national and international level championships.

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