The role of entrepreneurship and innovation education in student learning

The role of entrepreneurship and innovation education in student learning

In the last few decades, the idea of infusing entrepreneurship and innovation into education has spurred much enthusiasm. With its diverse range of benefits, the education delivers the right skills for the labour market and the growth of entrepreneurship. These skills can support the young generation to secure their economic growth and enable businesses to create new jobs.

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Teaching entrepreneurship at school equips students with an entrepreneurial mindset at the beginning of their careers. The best thing about this education is that the skills required can also be learned which includes problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, risk bearing, teamwork, and self-reliance. Learning such skills at an early age not only encourage students to start up their own company but also help shape them up to be more creative, opportunity oriented, proactive and innovative in all walks of life. They learn to take leadership roles confidently anywhere and anytime.

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Along with many other top international schools in India, we at Oakridge ensures that our students are future ready. To infuse entrepreneurship into education effectively, we apply a learning-by-doing approach across the curriculum. Many of the workshops have been conducted by the school where the technology professionals and other experts come and teach the students to think like an entrepreneur and act like an entrepreneur. They get the opportunity to take part in many interesting activities, out-of-classroom thinking approaches, and practical application in those workshops.

Columbia Business School’s Global entrepreneurship and innovation program

The school also organises the Columbia Business School’s Global entrepreneurship and innovation program every year which has been tailor-made for the ambitious students who are full of great ideas. The top real-time entrepreneurs address students on their entrepreneurship journey and the challenges that come across during the process of transformation of an idea to a successful business. The program seeks to equip the youth with entrepreneurial mindset exposing them to the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation education inspire young people to create companies that will provide long-lasting employment for the country’s citizens.

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