Teaching personal safety skills to young children is vital

Teaching personal safety skills to young children is vital

Personal safety must be a number one priority for the young children. Personal safety education for primary school students, therefore, is a comprehensive approach to providing children with practical empowerment and assertiveness skills in order to minimize their risk to abuse. Such an education in the school itself teaches children about their own feelings relating to safety and how to build safety networks.

Above all, children would learn about how to tell someone if anyone is harming them. They learn how to deal with abuse, bullying, and keeping themselves safe. There are many topics that the kids learn during personal safety education such as Child rights, Feelings and safety, Early warning signs, Body ownership, Safe and unsafe touch, Online safety, and alike. All these helps them to identify what is right and wrong behavior, and what to do if they have concerns. How to respond safely to feelings and people who make them feel uncomfortable. Kids develop good observation and problem-solving skills to stay safe as well as be strong emotionally and confident in the knowledge that they have the right to be safe at all times.

Furthermore, teachers also take care of many things to develop in students such as how to build resilience and assertiveness in children, helping children to identify feelings and situations of risk, providing children with strategies on how to manage potentially harmful situations, on rights and corresponding responsibilities in relation to disclosures and mandatory reporting requirements, etc. Simultaneously, teachers get to learn before teaching kids on how to teach children personal safety strategies which prevent and reduce the risks of child abuse and violence. Know how to talk to children about personal safety as well as laws and issues related to child protection. This is how we at Oakridge, one of the Best schools in Hyderabad teach our students on personal safety at a very early age so that they can protect themselves. Sometimes, we also conduct guest lectures on safe and unsafe touch to aware students on how to protect themselves.

Preeti Sahu

Communication Specialist

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