Talking platforms like TEDx to build student’s confidence

Talking platforms like TEDx to build student’s confidence

The ability to speak confidently in public is a skill that has to be mastered. Because sometimes even the experienced speakers get nervous to speak in front of a crowd. While some people may indeed just be born confident, it’s a skill the rest of us can easily acquire. As we say, practice makes perfect, it is possible to learn or develop such a skill if you practice right.

It is, therefore, many International schools today focus on preparing students to learn and experience the speaking platforms live to make the children a confident-being. With more and more practices of delivering speeches to a large audience, it not only help them build confidence and credibility but also gives them the opportunity to express themselves on many different fronts.

Among many other schools who believe in developing public speaking skills at an early age, Oakridge, one of the best International Schools in Hyderabad is one, has created many unique and noteworthy events for students which allows them to attend and speak to a large audience on valuable topics during their education.

Speaking about such programs, TEDx is a prestigious platform, where the most prolific speakers, leaders, and experts in their respective fields, present their ideas worth spreading. Oakridgers are encouraged to watch the TEDx Talks videos with a learning perspective during their education itself. It helps students focus on presentation skills and developing their ‘Learner Profile’ attribute of being good communicators. This apart, Oakridge also independently organizes TEDx program every year which is run under the TED brand to bring a TED-like experience to as many students. This event not only brings an expert speaker to inspire students but also gives students the opportunity to participate and present their skills of speaking on their respective topics.

A student-led initiative, TILE Oakridge- Talks on Innovation, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship is one among such remarkable talking platforms, where leaders and Entrepreneurs come and share their inspirational stories with the audience and the interaction happens between the speakers and the audience. The young learners get an opportunity to collaborate with the most distinguished individuals who have exhibited leadership skills in some form or the other. This year, the talks featured three eminent speakers including Shobu Yarlagadda, the producer of India’s biggest blockbuster, Baahubali.

As a part of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) Diploma Programme (DP), TOK (Theory of Knowledge) debate is another platform which gives students an opportunity to speak and develop public speaking skills. The TOK debate incorporates knowledge questions on the AOK (Area of Knowledge) that included the Human Science, History, Mathematics and Religious knowledge, and WOK (Ways of Knowing) included emotion, intuition, faith, perception, and reason. Two opposite teams, extract the knowledge questions and making claims supported by evidence in the form of studies, statistics, articles and other data.

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