Students revolutionize the face of beauty products

Students revolutionize the face of beauty products

Do you know, the skin is our largest organ, and what we put on it can be absorbed into our bloodstream? The beauty products we use are known to be made up of 10,000 different chemical ingredients that are downright deadly. They can be as dangerous as cancer, damaging the reproductive system, or disrupting the endocrine system.

Imagine such utterly harmful chemical compounds are getting absorbed and migrate into our bodies through transdermal action.

But, relax!

‘Studentpreneurs’ from Oakridge, one of the leading International Schools in Hyderabad has stepped in to bring new vertical to this situation. Oakridgers Sneha Jalan, Niharika Bodla and Amulya Adusumilli have left a trail of scent marks at Pretx, a youth lifestyle expo held at Taj Banjara. Keeping chemical effects of beauty products, and simultaneously summer in mind; these nine and ten-year-old kids have created some amazing personal care products that are absolutely organic and doesn’t cause any side effect.

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With independent thinking, Sneha Jalan – a fifth-grade student developed organic bath bombs that are round shaped soaps. They fizz and, give off a soothing and mild scent when immersed in water to take a bath. She named her company as “BATHWISHSWISH CRED BOMBS”. She is more fascinated towards using all kinds of herbal and organic products for her skin. So she rolled with her ‘Bath Bomb’ idea, a quick and easy organic solution with an intent to help people who use harmful products. These soaps come in different fragrances including Pink Rose, Saffron, Turmeric, Coffee Bean, Basil, Green Apple, Raspberry and are just ₹100-150.

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Another story along similar lines is that of Niharika Bodla and Amulya Adusumilli. They displayed “SCENTED SUMMER SPRAY” at Pretx. These young kids embarked their entrepreneurial journey during their PYP Exhibition at Oakridge International School. With a detailed research, the ‘studentpreneurs’ considered an all-natural approach to the ingredients and process in making the perfume cum room freshener. Together they have created three flavors of scent using real flowers of jasmine, rose, and sage. “This scented fragrance keeps the human body cool during summers”, say both girls very confidently.


Both the startup ideas were a hit at the exhibition. Students were so determined with their future plans to continue their own startups and add more to their startup ideas. At this young age, these students have set their goals to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. The amount collected was donated to the ‘Teach for Change – Educating a Girl Child’ by the organizer of the event. These students not only showcased their creativity but also their compassion for the underprivileged kids. These ‘studentpreneurs’ are already off to a good start.

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