Students developing the roots of moral courage at SGLI 2019

Students developing the roots of moral courage at SGLI 2019

In a world that witnesses frequent cruel and hostile behaviors, a society that lives with inhumanity and brutality towards humans, animals, and nature; we need people who could willingly perform heroic acts of altruism and compassion to help others. With this in mind, Oakridge, one of the best International Schools in Hyderabad partnership with the prestigious Punahou School, Hawaii, USA organized Oakridge SGLI (Student Global Leadership Institute) 2019 program featuring “Moral Courage” as its key talking point. With its fourth edition, this year that took place from 17th – 26th June 2019 in Hyderabad, brought in 27 students of grades 9-12 from across the globe together who learned to become better future-leaders.

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Better leadership actions require moral courage. Courageous action is calculated risk-taking –an essential trait of being a good leader. People who become good leaders display moral courage naturally and make bold moves for societal improvements. In this respect, SGLI 2019 focused on developing students’ potential to understand their own strengths which they can utilize in improving the situations of our communities.

guest lecture at Oakridge SGLI 2019

Various guest lectures were an integral part of this leadership program, where speakers like Vimlendhu Jha, Santosh Bakaya, and Shukla Bose interacted and inspired the participants to help them understand multiple facades of leadership. They served as solid examples of courageous risk-takers and guided them on how to use situations and circumstances that arise in everyday life proactively to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Visit to Chanchalguda Jail as part of Oakridge SGLI 2019

Leadership can be taught only through actions and focusing on experiential learnings. Owing to this concept, the field visit to Chanchalguda Jail served as a platform for the participants to explore the intricacies of moral courage through digital mapping from a cognitive psychology perspective.

Visit to Akshaya Patra Foundation as part of Oakridge SGLI 2019

Students learned to develop compassion during their visit to Akshaya Patra Foundation (who provide food for underprivileged), as part of the program. Participants also got an opportunity to explore the city of Hyderabad and its nuances wherein they unleashed their skills in understanding and implementing leadership skills.


Visit to Charminar as part of Oakridge SGLI 2019

Speaking on the occasion, Oakridge International School, Hyderabad Principal Ms. Hema Chennupaty said, “These programs are devised to develop leadership skills in students and also to draw their attention to current world issues. When they connect with students from across the world and discuss common concerns –their perspectives and orientations can change. The exposure that the children gain from a program like this is very impactful and life-changing. This program covers some of the IB Learner Profiles like—well balanced, reflective, communicative, principled, etc”.

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