Splash – Because Every Child Can Paint

Splash – Because Every Child Can Paint

On 17th August 2019, Oakridge – one of the top international schools in Gachibowli, organized an art activity and dance program for 180 differently-abled children from across the city, to bring joy to them and share what we have with them, in hopes of making their day memorable. Six different schools, ‘Sri Vidhya’s Centre for the Special Children’, ‘Special Care School’, ‘Sadhana School for the Intellectually Challenged’, ‘Shanmuga Society for the Mentally Handicapped’, and ‘Laskhyasadhara Society for the Mentally Handicapped’ were invited to join this event and spend the day with us, to which they all graciously agreed.

top international schools in Gachibowli

The main initiative of ‘Splash’ being ‘helping people help themselves, by supporting the disadvantaged self-reliant, and enabling children to lead a life of dignity’, our top priority was to provide them the right tools to bring out their inner artists and talents. Everyone has a unique trait embedded within them, and they only require a slight nudge or motivation to let the skills flow through them and glow brighter than ever. This special trait is what makes a person different from the rest. No zebra has the same pattern of stripes, the same way no person has the same mind. Minds can be alike, but never the same. Our goal was to show them just that. Our goal was to show the children just how special each and every one of them is, through art.


All six schools arrived right on time, excitement evident in their as well as our, eyes. The children were bright and wholesome, which was a breath of fresh air and a lovely sight for sore eyes. The venue was filled with lots of colors, like a beautiful painting. Our students were excited beyond measures to spend the day with the children. They were very friendly and opened up with bright smiles. They assisted and encouraged them to come up with their best work in painting. It was clearly no doubt that they were extremely talented. The children produced absolutely breath-taking pieces of art. Their talents were flowing right into the paper.

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This followed by a dance program where students from each school presented a dance performance. Their individuality and unity harmonized perfectly, as they moved in perfect sync to the beats, automatically getting everyone else in the mood. Everyone was captivated, by the amount effort put into the choreography. The best thing, however, was how happy all the children looked while performing. The confidence in their eyes cannot be described in words, and can only be felt when watching them and their exquisite smiles.

 Teach Art

The whole event has been a huge success, as everyone was overflowing with joy. A photo booth, a nail art station, and a face painting station were also installed for further enjoyment.

“It’s amazing that we can share what we have with children less privileged than us. The happiness achieved through that is the best kind”, said a fellow Oakridge student.

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