SGLI 2018 – Future leaders are ready to tackle the global conservation crisis

SGLI 2018 – Future leaders are ready to tackle the global conservation crisis

Around 35 student leaders from across the globe took part in the third edition of Oakridge SGLI (Student Global Leadership Institute) 2018 Program, held from 11th to 20th June in Hyderabad. Oakridge, top schools in Hyderabad partnership with the prestigious Punahou School, Hawaii, USA organized this 10-day program to develop the vision of the young talents towards the current global issue i.e., ‘Conservation’. This life-changing leadership development programme engaged student leaders in various aspects of conservation such as ‘Wildlife’, ‘Heritage’, and ‘Environmental’ issues and guided them to work on their future projects such as plantation using wastewater, organic farming inside the school campus, paper recycling through de-inking process, e-waste recycling, etc.

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Internationally-minded educators like Imran Siddiqui – Wildlife Conservationist, Arunima Roy from Akarma Foundation, Shameek Chakravarty – Founder of Farmizen, Prasant Dhavan – Founder of Biomimicry India were invited to help these student global leaders create and realize an impact plan for conservation. On one hand, Imran Siddiqui took students through various wildlife-based short films to enlighten the present conditions of tigers and various conservation measures to be taken. On the other hand, they were taught about paper pollution and how to resolve this issue by Arunima Roy. She also conducted a painting conservation workshop and organized a visit to Salar Jung museum as part of the ‘Indian Heritage Conservation’. Furthermore, the learners visited an ‘Organic Farm’ as part of the program and learned how to grow organic food and importance of it by Shameek Chakravarty. Sharing his SGLI experience, he said, “It was great to interact with students during SGLI 2018 and excited to see them so interested in knowing about the source of their food and farming in particular.” This apart, students were engaged with debates, movie screening, leadership workshops, and some cultural dances.

SGLI 2018

On this occasion, Vice President of Education Devi Dutta Kunungo said, “Interacting with top conservationists and environmentalists of the country was an extremely fulfilling experience for the students. Moreover, hosting students from around the globe really transformed the worldview of students. Oakridge is really proud to be in the third year of this student conference.”

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