Right Curriculum To Choose

Right Curriculum To Choose

Change happens fast in the world during which children face many challenges as they grow. And, in today’s fast-changing world, the ability to make decisions and solve problems is what they need to learn during their education. Because the problem-solving skills help students become more independent as well as excel in academics. Hence, choosing a curriculum that would fulfill the requirements of children’s future career is all that a parent need to look for.

Keeping pace in this turbo-charged world, curriculum evolves and new teaching methodologies developed to help kids reach this generation. While choosing the right curriculum, let’s understand the various benefits that each curriculum offers and which one fits the right for a kid.

Curriculum highlights:

IB – The International Baccalaureate Curriculum

The IB program requires students to study three highly respected programmes of international education, the PYP (Primary Years Program- KG to Grade 5), MYP (Middle Years Program – Grade 6-10), IBDP (Diploma Program for Grade 11 and 12) while completing the three core subjects: Creativity Activity Service (CAS), Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge, which emphasis more on personal development of a child. It has no prescribed textbooks and has a lot of freedom in learning. Instead of rote learning, the focus is more on holistic education including analytical skills, language, arts, and humanities.

IGCSE – An English Curriculum

IGCSE is a precursor of the IB curriculum. It lays an excellent foundation for students who wish to continue with the IB Curriculum at the pre -university level. It is designed for the Grade 9 and 10 students with a balanced mix of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Popularly known as an English language curriculum, it covers a wide range of subjects from a variety of areas which include Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Creative, Technical and Vocational, suitable for students whose first language is not English. IGCSE helps improve students’ learning performance by developing skills in creative thinking, inquiry, and problem-solving.

CBSE – The Indian Curriculum

The CBSE requires students to study the standardized textbooks of NCERT and appear the final examinations in Class 10 and 12. However, CBSE has made the Class 10 Board exam, optional. CBSE is suitable for those who want to go into the traditional routes of engineering and medical as the larger focus is on maths and science, and less on language.

Here are few things that a parent needs to evaluate while choosing the right curriculum:

Is the curriculum independent or teacher lead

In this fast-changing world, it’s important for our kids to match the change and face the challenges that come across. In terms of curriculum, these days we need to focus more on things that can support the wider goals of competencies and personal development instead of the subjects that are taught by the teacher that is available within the set of textbooks. Such kind of curriculum shows how learning within the subjects can be merged with the real-world experiences and contribute to the attainment of the wider goals.

Which is the suitable teaching method

Children learn knowledge according to the guidance they get from their education. Under the teaching method called ‘engagement’, students are urged to engage in the real-world which gives them the practical knowledge and help them process the information effectively. With respect to problem-solving, it has been seen in students that the standards-based teaching methods work better than the conventional teaching methods. The standards-based method has exhibited greater conceptual understanding in students and they perform at higher levels in academics.

What are the various student learning styles

Every student has their own way of learning information. There are seven different interesting ways student learn including visual learners, aural learners, verbal learners, physical learners, social learners and logical learners. Students perform well while learning in a way that matches their personal learning style in a curriculum. Understanding the learning style of a kid is of paramount importance in order to choose the right curriculum to fit them in.

Oakridge, one of the top cbse schools in Hyderabad aims for the holistic development of a child. Global exposure and international engagement platforms are provided during the course of the programs that equip children with a global outlook and real-world experience under all the above curriculums. Click to know more on the Oakridge’s IB Curriculum, IGCSE Curriculum, and CBSE Curriculum.


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