Real-world learning begins here

Real-world learning begins here

When we say ‘real-world learning’, what does it actually mean? How do we learn from the world around us? A real-world learning is a learning that mostly happens outside the classroom as learning and information, is available everywhere around us. Oakridge, as one of the top International Schools in Hyderabad focuses on higher order thinking, which includes experience, analyze, evaluate and create. With its IB Way of learning, the school aims to do more than other curricula by developing inquiring, knowledgeable and young caring people who are motivated to succeed hence offers students the experiential learning. An experiential learning is essentially learning from experience which supports students to apply their knowledge and understanding to the real-world issues, lastly, the instructor facilitates learning. When students are given opportunities to learn in an authentic situation, the learning becomes significantly more powerful and motivate students to illustrate complex concepts. Undoubtedly, such a thing helps develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes important for critical thinking, risk-taking, and problem-solving techniques, hence Oakridge offers multiple national and international trips, student exchange programs and expeditions throughout the year for students. Through experiential learning, they develop their skills through practice, deepen their knowledge and support the construction of new learnings.

For students, a real-world is a playground, however, it is much more than this and that’s how they learn while having fun. Real-life examples make information easier for students to understand than the content of a book. Substantially, the existing knowledge of the kids that they get from the content forms the foundation for incorporating new information into more complex and sophisticated schemas. In this scenario, real-world learning works as a meaningful way to connect with the previous information which helps understanding things more clearly and easily. With respect to the students’ achievement, the real-world learning is made up of several components such as connecting with like-minded individuals, learning by doing, real world connections, student voice and choice technology interaction, etc. In line with this, Oakridge, other than the field trips and expeditions offers students opportunities to take part in making connections with the real-life examples through various other ways like skype session, puppet show, guest lectures, problem-based studies, guided inquiry, simulations, experiments, art projects, and alike. The prestigious Oakridge International School aims to build a community of leaders empowering them with a global and local perspective accordingly teaches students competencies that they need for success and to get future-ready. Therefore, the inspiration to real-world learning begins here.

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