Presentation of Culture through Dance

Presentation of Culture through Dance

The PYP Exhibition is the culmination of the PYP journey of a student. The main purpose of this day is to encourage students to showcase their learning and present it the way they wanted. This year’s theme was “How we express ourselves”. The students chose to present themselves through dance, drama, music and various other ways. It was good to see the students brainstorm on different issues and decide on what they wanted to do. The different groups presented their feelings and emotions related to their issue through dance with the help and guidance of the dance teachers. The students belonging to Culture group presented dance from different parts of India; the Egyptian civilization group took everyone to that era; the technology group presented a Robot dance and the last group sent a message to everyone with the “Swatch Bharat” campaign. Dance is indeed a great way to express and give message to the people around and the students gave their best to present their skills to different groups of people.

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