Oakridgers in action to create a better tomorrow

Oakridgers in action to create a better tomorrow

60 Oakridge students volunteer for de-weeding the Neknampur lake in Hyderabad and its surroundings

Protecting the natural environment is one of our most important responsibilities and each one of us plays a key role to help save the earth. The change-makers of tomorrow from Oakridge, one of the top international schools in Gachibowli recently visited the Neknampur lake situated in Hyderabad in order to contribute to its rejuvenation. Over 60 students from grade 11 participated in this wonderful activity to improve our environmental footprint.

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They volunteered towards cleaner water bodies and the vicinity by de-weeding the lake, picking dry leaves off, and assisting in the clean-up of dead branches and general litter, these students. The clean-up drive aimed at conserving the environment and provide a serene experience to the people around Neknampur lake.

 Community service

Furthermore, this cleanup activity gave our students hands-on experience in helping society. Not just that, but it also helped people understand the importance and way to achieve a sustainable manner of living. These eco-warriors using their brilliant ideas formed a chain to proceed with the drive in an orderly manner. The chain passed the weeds from the lake to the composting area in order to make the process systematic and easier.

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With this activity, our students developed their learner profiles such as being caring, principled, and knowledgeable throughout. It was a valuable experience that not only helped our environment to stay clean but also instill values in them as responsible citizens. Likewise, we can also take a step forward to keep our surroundings clean. If not cleaning, then at least we can stop ourselves from littering the environment in order to save our nature, the living creatures, and our world.

Our actions today can create a better tomorrow!

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