Oakridge students launch ‘Give Way to Ambulance Initiative’ across multiple cities

Oakridge students launch ‘Give Way to Ambulance Initiative’ across multiple cities

I was rushing my uncle to the hospital and got stuck in the traffic midway. The traffic congestion was caused by two motorists verbally fighting over whose fault it was and didn’t clear the way even though they heard the ambulance’s siren. Thankfully, some people volunteered and tried clearing the traffic and we made it in time to the hospital”, –Prakash, Software Engineer at reputed IT firm.

give way to ambulance by Oakridge students

Like Prakash, there are several other people who have had to go through such traumatic experiences and most times it ends up with the patient not reaching the hospital on-time. With the increasing traffic on the Indian roads, quite often ambulances fall short of time. Around 1.5 Lakh people are killed each year in traffic accidents, which are about 400 fatalities a day. 2 out of 10 patients die in an ambulance before reaching the hospital in India. More than 50% of heart attack cases reach the hospital late. The initial treatment to the patient in the very first hour also referred to ‘Golden Hour’ is very critical. Especially, in the case of suicides, stroke, heart attack, accident, it is vital that these patients receive medical assistance within the first hour. The average time for an ambulance to reach the hospital is going up each year due to increasing urban traffic congestion.

Most commuters on the road notice the frenetic ambulance sirens and their flashing lights. They sense that there is a life in danger however not many are able to empathize with the serious condition and understand the importance to give way to ambulance.

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Students of Oakridge, India’s top International School decided to take the matter in their own hands and launched the multi-city wide ‘Give way to Ambulance initiative’. “We want to follow a different approach to educating people on this initiative; we want to personally reach out to each of them. We are around 7000 students at Oakridge and each of us wishes to reach out to 10 of our immediate contacts (neighbors, relatives, friends) and get them to sign the pledge. So this way, we should be able to educate at-least 70,000 people and if we can inspire these people to reach out to others to take the pledge, we will be creating a wave of change “said a group of Oakridge students working on this initiative.

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