NASA Visit

NASA Visit

CIE grade 9th students went for a field trip, where they had an interaction with Mr. Larry James. It was a great experience for all the students. Here is a reflection by Karthikeya of grade 9.1 CIE.“I believe our interaction with Mr. Larry James, Deputy Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratories in California, was an extremely unique and informative experience. First, Mr. James gave us an 80 minute talk, mostly revolving around the successful, ongoing and future missions of NASA. Most of us were not aware of these intriguing missions earlier which made the session all the more special. Most of the discussion was centred around the rover ‘Curiosity’ that landed on Mars in 2012. We also learnt about other various methods of exploration in Mars. We also learnt about the missions and future plans for the exploration of Jupiter and Saturn, their formation and also study of their moons. Also, detailed information was given about the asteroid Ceres in the asteroid belt which most scientists found interesting and what missions are planned for that. We learnt about the methods NASA has planned for exploring other Earth-like planets. Also, we got a clear idea about how NASA studies the Earth itself. The water levels, variation in gravity, water levels, prediction of earthquakes, volcanoes, etc and carbon dioxide levels. Most of the topics were explained with videos which made us get a better idea of the new technologies being used. Also we were shown interesting pictures captured by rovers and orbiters. This was followed by a question and answer session which most students were involved in. The insightful questions which he answered strengthened the understanding of NASA’s objectives. By this, we also learnt about the completed and future missions for which the NASA has worked with ISRO. Overall, the experience helped us gain a lot of knowledge and was a great exposure.” – Karthikeya

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