MYP personal project exhibition comes alive at Oakridge International School

MYP personal project exhibition comes alive at Oakridge International School

The way to change the world is through individual responsibility and taking local action in your own community.

-Jeff Bridges

Students of Grade 10 MYP from Oakridge, one of the top international schools in Hyderabad brought these words into action on 26 February 2019 while showcasing their Personal Projects through an exhibition. Year-in and year-out, Students of Grade10 look forward to the greatest event in their journey through MYP- the Personal Project Exhibition, where these students proudly present the results of an immersive, eight-month project on topics of their own choice. Around 121 students have celebrated their learning by partaking in the Personal Project Exhibition.

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As always, the visitors were impressed with the in-depth work students have done in exploring a wide array of topics, including: App making, theme-based Art forms, Films, Robotics, Food, Fashion diversity, environmentally friendly architecture, zero waste lifestyle, an interactive children’s reflection book, revival of the lost art forms,the evolution of technology in film, latest and unique concept of molecular gastronomy, the impact of circadian rhythms on living things, and many more! They mesmerized the audience with their creativity, innovation, and desire to address the needs in their community.


The Personal Project exhibition is the culminating experience in the Middle Years Program from year 1 to year 5 and a milestone achievement in students’ International Baccalaureate careers. The Personal Project showcases the unique skills students develop throughout the five years of the MYP and is a significant piece of work, borne entirely of each student’s own initiative and creativity. The Personal Project challenges students to:

  • Select a purposeful topic based on their passion and emphasize why the project matters not just to themselves, but also on a grander scale.
  • Students are also required to establish the relevance of their inquiry within a global context.
  • They develop many new skills in their journey of coming up with a product or outcome.


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