#Mychildtaughtme Diaries

#Mychildtaughtme Diaries

Here is a continuation of the earlier blog wherein we presented you the second series of #Mychildtaughtmediaries

Parent Diary 3:

My passion for photography diminished as soon as I got responsibilities of my family. My son had become my priority and taking care of his studies and daily chores along with work was what had become my routine. I was a single parent and hence was facing tough challenges in life struggling to bring up my son. Time passed away, and my own hobbies took a backseat. I had a collection of cameras including the vintage ones, which were now in the store room. One day my son came to me and demanded for a smartphone with a good camera to explore his photography skills. I was amazed to know of his interest in photography and showed him my collection of cameras. He was astonished seeing those and insisted me to take those out and begin photography all over again. I was in a dilemma but my son motivated me to go ahead with it and explore my creativity again. I was proud of him on seeing his confidence which had come naturally to him being an Oakridger. We began with our photography sessions and came up with some beautiful pictures. I loved the way, my child taught me to find my passion thanks to his confidence in me.

Parent Diary 4:

I loved to cook but being from a traditional family I wasn’t allowed to step in the kitchen as I was a boy. One day I was sitting with my daughter watching her favorite show Master Chef on television. I was dazed to see the competitors were mostly men. I said, “How I wish, I knew cooking.” My daughter heard me saying and said, “Dad, Cooking is so easy and you can learn it even now” saying this she told me about the You Tube channel from where I can learn how to cook in easy steps and fulfill my desire of cooking. I took her help to browse internet and very soon I started my cooking lessons. Soon, I started calling friends over and they appreciated my cooking skills and loved what I cooked being a first timer. Oakridge has given the confidence to my daughter so that she becomes an inspiration for others. I am proud of my daughter and glad that she is an Oakridger.

And at Oakridge, one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad we have many such stories which make us truly proud, all thanks to our open and encouraging learning environment.

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