#Mychildtaughtme Diaries

#Mychildtaughtme Diaries

At Oakridge, one of the top International Schools in Hyderabad believe that the treasure within a child has to be unleashed to truly inspire them to learn. And that’s why #Mychildtaughtme is so close to our hearts.

The learning environment at Oakridge has helped many children to get inspired.

And that is why, we keep hearing real stories of parents who attribute all their success and motivation to their smart Oakridgers who are inspiring them every day. This led us to come up with #Mychildtaughtmediaries, containing a plethora of real-life stories by Oakridgers.

Here we share some experiences of the proud parents in their own words:

Parent’s Diary 1: It was a proud moment for me when I showed my first painting to my friends. I had always dreamt of painting but being a full-time mother and due to lack of time, I was unable to fulfill my dreams. One day my daughter came back from school with all the painting essentials and said, “Mom Let’s do some painting today.” I was wondering how did she get to know about my love for painting. When I asked, she said no she wants me to teach her how to paint. She had seen my sketches and drawings and had loved it. Also, the way I helped her for her previous projects inspired her to take this step. I was very hesitant and said I won’t be able to do it. She showed full confidence in me and encouraged me to take this up. She even shared the painting skills she learnt at Oakridge, which I experimented with. We spent our evening doing the painting. My dream of becoming a painter became true all thanks to my daughters support. In fact, she told me that at Oakridge, she is given freedom to learn and experiment. Not only that, she is encouraged to share her learnings with everyone. I am proud that she is an Oakridger, as I can see how creativity, confidence and attributes like these come naturally in her making me do more in life.’

Parent Diary 2: Me and my daughter were busy cleaning the house as Diwali was around and we had loads of work to finish. While cleaning the store room, a box fell suddenly from the rack top and there were my old pair of ghungroos lying untouched for years. My daughter picked it up and said, “Wow Mom, you know how to dance?” to which I replied, “I used to and dancing is my passion.” This lead to her telling me how she is learning to dance at her school and she would love to do it with me. Soon after, she came home one day encouraging me to dance with her. Her confidence and love for creativity, made me let go of my exhibitions and there, my journey to revive my dancing began. I often realized, that at Oakridge, she has developed a love for learning, but now I have seen for myself that she is even sharing and inspiring me to learn. Oakridge is indeed the best school that teaches the children beyond the limits of classes and from books including the extracurricular activities. She made me believe in myself again, all thanks to her desire of influencing everyone with her learnings’

There are more stories from the proud parents of Oakridgers who share with us how their child taught them to make the world a better place and to never stop exploring. Watch this space for more.

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