See what the inventive minds of Oakridge have done

See what the inventive minds of Oakridge have done

It is rightly said, “Today’s Science is tomorrow’s technology”. The CBSE Science department of grade 9, at Oakridge, one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad, Newton campus, worked on these lines to put up a Science Event-Inventive Minds on Wednesday, the 4 July 2018.

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Students of CBSE grade 9 had an enriching learning experience through this event. The event comprised of two activities- ‘Science Quiz’ and Science Activity Showcase. The quiz was definitely one of its kind, where not only the three teams competed with one another but there was also a lot of awareness created in terms of scientific knowledge among the students. All the participants certainly had a passion for science which was observed through their quick and correct answering to the majority of the questions which were displayed. There were 4 rounds which were conducted in total. Where TEAM B scored the maximum points; and was crowned as the ‘SCIENCE CHAMPS’. The event had a very ebullient vibe to it where all the teams, the audience, and the volunteers were having a cheerful and great time.

Science Event-Inventive at oakridge

The Science Activity showcase spanned all the three branches of Science-i.e, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Students portrayed various advancements in Science and Technology through working models such as robotic vacuum cleaner, Hydraulic Jack, Aquaponics, and Drone. They also created awareness regarding sustainable living through concepts of green building and impact of chemical usage in day to day life.

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This exhibition, not only honed the communication skills of students but also polished their skills in Science technology and it took them a step forward towards their all-round development.

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