Inspiring the entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Inspiring the entrepreneurs of tomorrow

An entrepreneurial mind always sees the big picture and actively seeks ideas that can solve a problem, impacting thousands of people. Oakridge, one of the best International Schools in Hyderabad in association with Metamorphosis brings Schoolpreneur Summit 2018 to Hyderabad on 22nd December. Being India’s biggest idea pitching event at a school level, it gives aspiring entrepreneurs from Grade 6-12 an opportunity to pitch their ideas to the prominent industry experts.


Metamorphosis founder and CEO, Pavan Allena mentions, “With the increasing threat of Automation looming over the Future of Work, it has become essentially necessary for individuals to possess certain skill sets that help them stand apart in the age of automation and become irreplaceable by the machines. The Schoolpreneur Summit through its Guest Panel discussions comprising of various dignitaries and industry experts aims to aware people about this threat and how Entrepreneurial Skill Set will help them evolve as Job Creators and global leaders.”

Schoolpreneur Summit 2018 is looking for diverse and forward-thinking ideas to be pitched live in front of an esteemed panel of industry veterans as judges and angel investors. Best ideas will be shortlisted by the judges to be pitched at the Grand Finale. This event will feature the top entrepreneurs like Founders of Swiggy, Thickshake Factory and many more taking part in various discussions and inspiring the children present at the summit.

“Students must be in a position to apply their ideas in a complex world. To have an idea that is unique, will help society and will disrupt current thinking and practice is the greatest dream for all entrepreneurs. It is essential that students today understand that it is not their age but ideas that will ascribe value to them and drive the future. The Schoolpreneur Summit promises to bring this about through an application of learning, ideas, and collaboration through interactions with industry. The time has come for young people to display their ideas to the world and ensure that industry experts understand the immense contribution that can be made through partnerships with schools and their students” said Arjun Rao, Oakridge Newton Principal.

For more information and registration to the roadshow of Schoolpreneur Summit 2018, please click here.

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