Importance of learning positive parenting in the 21st century

Importance of learning positive parenting in the 21st century

Parenting then and parenting now in the 21st century has changed completely, most especially as parents taking up jobs and going into business. They are often burdened with commitments to work, family, household and social life activities, thus parenting has become much more challenging.

One of such instances is that being parents, sometimes we fall into the trap of overprotecting our kids from the short-term struggles and under-preparing them to cope with life’s long-term challenges. Overprotecting a child undermines their initiative and sends them off into the world unprepared to make independent choices. As a result, it gets difficult for them to translate the knowledge into practice.

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Of all the ways that parents can help their children grow into healthy and productive adults, positive parenting has potentially the greatest impact of all. It describes both a variety of actions and an overall approach. It is built on the knowledge that children develop in specific ways. Parent’s every positive interaction with their children contribute to the self-esteem, confidence, adaptability, and overall success and well-being of the child. These are not just joyful but also self-fulfilling for parents.

Positive Parenting session by Adilakshmi Chintalapati

Oakridge, one of the best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad takes the initiative and conducts parenting sessions in the school. Our early childhood education expert, Ms. Adilakshmi Chintalapati is the speaker who addresses the parents on positive parenting. During a few last sessions, she has covered various topics such as types of parenting styles (like authoritarian, indifferent, permissive and authoritative), positive and toxic parenting styles, do’s and don’ts of parenting and more. According to the expert, there are various roles a parent should adapt to for their children depending on the situation such as that of a mentor, coach, teacher and a cheerleader.

Positive parenting session

Her tips on dealing with their child’s holistic well-being such as learning to say ‘NO’, parenting strategies, allocating time with children etc., are constructive and very useful for the parents in the 21st century. These kind of sessions are very interactive. Parents also pose their queries and questions related to the theme of the session.

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