IB Way of Learning: How is International education changing the way concepts are learnt at school

IB Way of Learning: How is International education changing the way concepts are learnt at school

In today’s fast-paced globalizing world, International education has become invaluable for numerous reasons. First and foremost, it is to enhance the education of students with a global dimension. Hence, IB curriculum comes into the limelight; in addition, any school authorized by the IB Organization is called as an IB School. Founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968, IB or International Baccalaureate supports schools in the implementation of four challenging and highly respected programmes of international education worldwide incorporating Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program, Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme.

IB programmes have reaped a sky-high reputation for its high academic standards of teaching, pedagogical leadership and student achievement. Indeed, IB is more than its programmes as it aims to evolve internationally-minded people who will create a better future and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. With various significant benefits of International education, IB curriculum not only helps students to perform better but also gives a unique education experience. It helps transform students through an augmented way of learning who are motivated to succeed as it involves dynamic cycles of inquiry, action and reflection. In a nutshell, it is a sum total of all intentional learning experiences through cognitive processes within the local and global contexts, which help students grow personally as well as professionally while exploring key components of their field.

Learn what ‘IB Curriculum’ is all about:

  • IB way of learning gives wisdom through experiential learning approach wherein students make connections between prior knowledge and new learnings through hands-on experiences within real-world contexts. This approach offers diverse opportunities through which students construct learning through new experiences such as educational field trips, excursions, simulations, and much more.
  • IB way of learning gives courage as students develop the quality of constructive risk-taking, and learn how to demonstrate noble actions through daily activities in schooling. They receive holistic education with an opportunity to learn and enhance their skills to deal with global challenges and nurture a sense of enterprise and dignity.
  • IB way of learning gives independence of thinking in which students reflect on the nature of knowledge. It involves students in developing a self-directed piece of research and encourage them to think critically. The IB programmes allows them to conduct an in-depth inquiry into real life problems and also demonstrate their knowledge in learning to their parents and teachers through specific events like Student Led Conference, PYP Exhibition and more.

In today’s world, become the person who can think critically, act bravely, and challenge assumptions, is of paramount importance. Therefore, students need to excel in academic as well as personal development. With an epoch-making addition to the education, IB curriculum does the exact. In line with this, Oakridge International School established as the first IB School in Hyderabad by Mr. Shomie Das- Director Education, academic consultant for more than 30 school projects in India and abroad; setting high standards in the education system. One of the best-of-its-kinds, Oakridge Ranked No.1 by The Times of India Schools Survey and featured among India’s Top-10 Schools by Education World Magazine, offers various international curriculum including IGCSE and IBDP to empower students with leadership quality and understanding of global contexts. Aspiring to meet the international standards in education, the curriculum goes beyond the academic areas of disciplinary learning.

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