Hyderabad school kid turns her passion into compassion!

Hyderabad school kid turns her passion into compassion!

We always do what makes us happy, but imagine when your happiness can turn into someone else’s happiness. A 10th-grade student from Oakridge International School Hyderabad, Ananya Polisetty is doing the exact thing. She is a passionate photographer and really loves being creative to produce high standard images. “I’ve always been fascinated with seizing moments inside a tiny box called a camera. I enjoy taking pictures of things like colourful flowers or clear skies” says Ananya Polisetty. She has not only started following her passion for photography but also is helping many underprivileged kids at a very early in age.

Oakridge International School Hyderabad

As a teenager, Ananya understands that there are many children who are not fortunate enough to get even the basic education. she took part in the India Literacy Project as a volunteer recently, which is dedicated to serving with 100% literacy in India. She came up with an unbelievable idea to channelize her creative energies for the noble cause of education. She worked on 12 varied themes for photography, designed a desk calendar with the output of her exploratory lens and started selling them. Created over 1000 pictures and processed around 200 images. There are almost 80 calendars have been sold so far and the proceeds have donated to the India Literacy Project which would support quality education to the underprivileged kids.

Here is a story of her combination of passion and compassion.

“I will continue my passion for photography and learn other arts, like videography and cinematography and want to take up the same as my career,” says Ananya Polisetty. She also added with an urge that “No matter what your interest or passion, there is always a way to help those in need.”

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