How teachers can make student’s transition into school easier

How teachers can make student’s transition into school easier

At Oakridge, one of the best schools in Hyderabad, we strive to make moving a little less to no stress and more enjoyable. Believe it or not, but kids do enjoy and forget their stress even if it’s their first day of school. Let’s delve into how our teachers make incoming students feel at home through indelible icebreakers and get-to-know-you activities.

Play is the way! We at Oakridge believes that play is not only the way to make friends but is also a path that leads towards learning. This year, teachers from every segment came with innovative strategies to make student’s transition easier. They focused on three traditional but important areas yet in a unique way:

Ice breaking activities: This play an important role in communication. An effective icebreaker will warm up the conversation hence develop friendships among the children. When kids get friends to study with, they tend to enjoy the classes and perform better in academics. Class teachers from a few segments conducted non-verbal communication activity.

This involved using interactive gestures to greet each other such as a handshake, hug, high-five or namaste. Students seem to enjoy this unique activity while entering their classrooms on their first day of school. Every teacher had their own style of ice-breaking activities in their respective classes.

For instance, students of one of the PYP segments were asked to write about their likes and dislikes on a chit and drop them in a basket. Each student had to pick a chit and guess the persona. Surprisingly almost all the kids guessed it correctly which conveys that they understand each other.

There was another class, where students were seemed to speak about themselves and one interesting moment from their summer holiday. They were so eager to share their stories which in turn helped the kids understand and know each other. Such activities not just socialize the students in themselves but also build connections between the kids and the teachers.

Trusting buddies activities: “Best friends make good times better and hard times easier.” Friends make you feel homely even when in school. Their presence indicates a friendly environment where one would love to spend time as well as study. But one has to trust the other in order to make friends. It is, therefore, our teachers organized stimulating team building activities to trust their buddies.

For instance, one class had an activity which involved every two students to hold their hands from their backside and lead the other from one point to another. Kids were so excited for their turn and lead their new buddies. In another class, students were engaged in a fancy-dress activity to present a persona using their art and craft skills. They were divided into various teams and were given newspapers.

Every team created amazing personas such as Chef, Cinderella, Super Hero, and more. Likewise, many other trusting buddies activities were conducted in the classrooms in order to make students transition easier.

Creating a friendly environment: Especially when students are new to the school, they tend to feel nervous about the environment and navigation inside the school. Remember, when you newly joined in the school and you feel scared from losing your way and stuck in between the stranger seniors. Well, this happens to everybody.

Thus, we created various play zones and made kids from EYP to MYP and DP explore the school along with their respective class teacher. There were hula hoops on the ground to jump and enjoy the moment for little tots. The school has a recreation park with ducks and rabbits in it.

There are many instruments installed in different zones inside the school to play with such as a huge Xylophone, Pin Screen, and more. At one spot, students were taken to collect their welcome muffin treat, which they happily grabbed and enjoy eating with their new buddies under the shades of trees. For senior students, there were many interactive skill test games installed in the playground area such as a magnetic dart and hammer arcade.

The first week of our new session was amazing! Students got off to a great start this year and were happily engaged in different bonding activities.

The School Principal, Ms. Hema Chenupatty shares her overwhelming words of happiness from the first day of school from the new academic year. This article also talks about some of the techniques followed to enhance the smooth transition for the children. Read to know more.

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