How students develop leadership skills during their education?

How students develop leadership skills during their education?

Leadership, as we know, is the art of motivating, influencing and directing a group of people to work together and achieve the goals of a team. In order to bring out solutions for the current national and global issues, it’s vital for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling. Because it is the young generation who are the future of this world and hold the potential to change the world!

In today’s world with the presence of top international schools, students have the unique opportunity learning the art of leadership during the schooling years itself. Prefect Leadership is one such opportunity for students to participate and prove their skills as the better leaders who can bring about a change for creating a better world.

Understanding the value of leadership development, Oakridge, one of the top CBSE Schools in Hyderabad conducts Prefect leadership camp to help students learn the qualities that a leader should have. This camp is a harmonious combination of team building and adventurous activities like Peer Pressure, Stress management, Expectation setting and norm building, Social etiquettes, Initiative and Leadership, listening skills, and more.

The most significant abilities, values, skills, that they get to develop as a prefect is communication, appreciating, self-confidence, patience, organizational skills, group work skills, ability to admit ignorance, time management, responsibility and much more. During the camp, the student leaders learn and imbibe creative expression to impress others through public speaking. Not just that, but they also learn to work in a collaborative environment as it allows them to interact with students from different other schools and work with them as teams.

These qualities play an important role in developing students leadership skills which would later help them to play their role in bringing positive change to the world. As a result, they need to be prepared and must learn and possess strong leadership qualities during their early education.

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