How do we encourage innovation in students

How do we encourage innovation in students

Can innovation be learned? Is it really a skill?

Innovation is an ability comes from thinking. It allows one to ponder into the knowledge stored in the mind and do things differently.

Before we start learning how we encourage innovation in school, let’s first understand why it is important. The answer is very simple. With the fast pacing world today, kids need to be adaptable to prepare themselves for life beyond the classroom. The ability to innovate not only helps students in academics but also lead them towards a path to build a successful career. Thus, developing creative thinking skills needs to be instilled in early childhood itself especially during their academics.

Being an educational institution it’s important to build an education system that nurtures creative thinking skills in the students. But how do we do that?

Imagine you are trapped in an environment where you cannot escape without thinking.


Oakridge, India’s top International School offers ample opportunities for its students to develop critical thinking skills, the flexibility of approach, ability to work with and serve others, and the grit and fortitude in the face of challenges. Let’s get into the various ingredients that help encourage innovation in school.

  • Active learning

The techniques and strategies of active learning help students think, create, and solve problems.

At Oakridge, we believe that every child, when nurtured, can become a leader! Preparing young minds, the school provides numerous post-school activities wherein students can engage in based upon their interest. This includes Read and Rhyme, Spell Bee, Debate, Book Review and Report, Author Study, Quizzing, Tongue Twisters, Puppet Shows, Story Telling Sessions, JAM Sessions, Elocution, and many other problem-solving opportunities.

Additionally, keeping technology, innovation, and creativity in mind, students get the opportunity to participate in Robotics, Quadcopter- Explore the Science, Mine Craft – a game of puzzles for tiny hands, Cyber Security Awareness Program, etc.

  • Community service

Creating an environment of kindness and compassion is a critical component of promoting innovation and creativity. One would take a step forward towards solving a problem when he/she possess empathy. Further, they might use their creative skills and innovative ability in order to help others. At Oakridge International School, students get the opportunity to participate in various CSR events and activities such as Spoorthi (teaching the children of drivers and sub-staff), CASnival (fundraising event to help the underprivileged), Visiting Old age homes or special needs facilities, Teaching govt school children and organize sports day events for them, etc.

  • Collaboration

With an aim to develop leadership quality and an understanding of challenges and opportunities in the global economy, Oakridge conducts various strategic development programs with reputed International Universities in India, every year. Students not only learn things but also collaborate with like-minded students from across the world. They store different knowledge through collaboration and get to enhance their thinking skills. Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, Oxford Summer Courses, Student Global Leadership Institute Program, TEDx, OAKMUN, OAKJMUN, and Ocean Conservation Conference are a few to name.

  • Risk-taking

Risk-taking needs to be encouraged in order to create an innovative and creative environment. It let kids come out of their comfort zone and think outside the box. Our students get the privilege to participate in multiple national and international educational trips and expeditions. Adventure camps, OAKVENTURE – Student exchange program and Prefect Leadership Camps are few other programs that let the kids use their thinking skills. This also helps develop their skills like leadership, perseverance, survival skills, teamwork, and responsibilities.

India’s top International School

Gone are the days, when companies considered a good scorer candidate for recruitments. Today, it’s all about possessing skills and abilities than scores. To succeed, one has to be innovative with resilience to adapt to new changes. For more information, explore the Student Life of Oakridge International School.

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