High-school students to emerging as an entrepreneur-in-the-making

High-school students to emerging as an entrepreneur-in-the-making

With the onset of summers, many students begin researching about which summer course to join in, which will give them a fruitful and substantial experience. Keeping this in mind, Oakridge – one of the top International Schools in Hyderabad had hosted the Columbia Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program 2019, which was held from 27th to 31st May 2019. Entrepreneurship, as a field of study, has been gathering momentum in recent years and is an interactive study that can not only enhance students’ success academically but strengthen confidence and instill qualities and skills conducive to success upon graduation. Student entrepreneurs gain hands-on experience with their education, grow their personal networks and have no choice but to become more diligent with their study time. Furthermore, entrepreneurship prepares students for long-term academic and work achievement.

Let’s take a peek into a week of an entrepreneurial journey of students with Columbia GEIP 2019:


“Many children just think about going for jobs after college. But this program has taught and opened doors for my daughter to think beyond. It’s amazing to see how children of these age have been groomed so well and have attained the skills and tools to look at the world as their oysters and follow their passion– if they want to build a product or service”, said Jyotsana Puri, mother of Brinda Puri (a participant at CGEIP 2019).

“We are extremely happy that we are associated with Columbia Business School for this program. These programs help students identify their interest areas at a very early age and also help them get hands-on experience of the various aspects of the field of interest. They will have an added edge when they start applying for college admissions. The experience and expertise of Mr. Daniel MacQuade is definitely a huge advantage for the students and also for the teachers who get a chance to associate with him. This is an experience the students will cherish for a long time.” says Hema Chennupaty, Principal of Oakridge International School, Gachibowli.

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