Night Time Brushing Initiative – Inculcating good habits for life in children

Night Time Brushing Initiative – Inculcating good habits for life in children

Wouldn’t you agree acquiring good habits is an important part of the learning process?

Because a child’s mind is innocent and believes in whatever they see or being told by elders, it’s important to develop good habits before they reach their teens. They should be shown the right behaviors in the right way, in a fun manner of course. In the hope of putting our little ones in the lifelong path of good habits, the ‘Night-time brushing’ initiative was launched at Oakridge.

Oakridge, India’s top International School launched a “Night-time Brushing” initiative where children were encouraged to brush their teeth in the night for 21 consecutive years. The school conducted this activity to evaluate the effectiveness of the 21-day programme and the analysis revealed that it helps to educate children to brush their teeth twice a day.

India’s top International School

This activity involved parents as they have a key role in helping their children to develop proper oral hygiene. Parents led to getting their kids to brush their teeth twice daily. Research has confirmed that kids are more likely to brush their teeth if they do it together with their parents in a fun yet educational way. They can easily communicate their kids about the importance of nighttime brushing which is considered a chore by both the parent and child.

It’s easy and important to prevent cavities, only if you establish healthy habits in early childhood.

Night Time Brushing Initiative

At Oakridge, students were given a sheet wherein they marked each time they brush in the night. With so much enthusiasm, kids participated in this initiative and the parents captured these amazing moments through videos and pictures. Not only this but there were many other interesting activities were conducted at the school for encouraging kids to successfully complete the activity and continue this as a habit.





To encourage others to develop this good habit, the videos of our little tots were published on online platforms as well. After, the completion of the activity, kids were awarded participation certificates as well as badges.

healthy habits

In a nutshell, the school aimed at creating a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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  1. Ruchi says:

    Its a way to keep our kids engage with good habbits in our life. It was one of them.

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