A Guest Lecture by Artist Mr. Shaun Heffernan from U.K. on Fine Arts

A Guest Lecture by Artist Mr. Shaun Heffernan from U.K. on Fine Arts

Teaching arts in education is so important for students. Artistic pursuit from a tender age instills creativity and mould the minds of children to develop a positive nature and appreciate natural beauty. Instilling a love for artistic activities in our students, we at Oakridge creates an environment where creativity is generated.

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With an aim to provide an insight into the thoughts, processes, and inspiration which lay behind the creation of a work of art, Oakridge, one of the top schools in Hyderabad organized a guest lecture by the artist Mr. Shaun Heffernan from the U.K. He addressed the IBDP, IB MYP, and CBSE Senior Visual Art students during his lecture. His definition of the fine arts was purely an extension of mind and making a keen use of the eyes. He started off by explaining that anyone can do art and that it is not restricted to merely those who have an inclination toward it. It is for people who have the interest in it, and if that interest is strong enough, with practice, it can blossom into something much greater.

Mr. Shaun Heffernan speaks about importance of arts

According to Mr. Shaun Heffernan, “art should not be callously discarded as simply just a ‘hobby’, but can be, and should be pursued further.” It is surprisingly quite the lucrative field and for those with passion and an eye for detail, anything can be accomplished.

Oakridgers Creating Potrait at the Arts Guest Lecture

His lecture also included a hands-on activity, where the students created a portrait of their neighbour in the next seat. He explained that the face has fixed proportions and geometry, which each individual differs from ever so slightly. By breaking down the face into basic shapes with a relative distance between them, one can create a substantial proportionate face.

art students learning from the expert at a guest lecture

What all the art students could take away from the lecture was that creating art, a labor-intensive feat, requires the keenest eye to produce. Having a keen eye for details doesn’t happen overnight, but with practice, it can be achieved. Students also learned that art really has no definition, although the system may bind it by a few rules of order, it has no chains that bind it to the ground. It flows freely with the mind’s imagination, like waves in the ocean, a constant push and pulls of an everlasting motion.


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