Future entrepreneurs in the making!

Future entrepreneurs in the making!

Students from across the country participated in the intensive Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation program which took place from 23-27 May 2017 at Oakridge Gachibowli campus. The program was conducted by Oakridge International School in association with Columbia Business School.

Columbia Business School’s Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation program have been tailor-made for the ambitious students who are full of great ideas. The program seeks to equip the youth with entrepreneurial mindset exposing them to the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation. At the recent Columbia Business School Program held at Oakridge, one of the best IB Schools in Hyderabad, students were guided through a complete module on the new venture creation process, taught by the renowned Columbia Business School faculty Daniel McQuade, a specialist in Branding and Marketing.

The program was interlaced with guest lecturers by the real-time entrepreneurs, Shankar Prasad (Founder- Pureplay Skinsciences) and Bharanidharan Viswanathan (Founder – 91mobile.com). Drawing the vast culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, both the guest lecturers shared their entrepreneurship journey, and the challenges that come across during the process of transformation of an idea to a successful business.

On the conclusion of this year’s program, students worked and demonstrated their own business projects over the judges which gave them the practical experience of making decisions in real-world environments. The judges inquired on their projects to determine how effective the students’ start-up plans are. Subsequently, they polished their understanding on creating own ventures.

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