Every movie has a lesson! Jurassic World – A Prodigious Experience for Oakridgers

On the 08 June, nearly 550 Oakridgers from Newton Campus – CBSE grades 7 to 11 headed to Asia’s largest theater Prasad’s to watch the movie Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom.

This was integrated with the curriculum as students are working on an integrated project with their academic practices. Like writing a review of the movie or making a diary entry in different languages
including English, Hindi, Telugu, Spanish and French.

In Math they are working on representing the dinosaur disappearance over a period of time graphically, in Science research work is being carried out by students on dino-disappearance, it’s recreation using its
DNA and its consequences and in Social Science research are being done on the different periods to which dinosaurs belonged.

Taking the dinosaur excitement to another level, students even participated in a creative contest by making origami dinosaurs and the one with the best creation from each class was awarded a sapling.

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