Early years Unit integration through Art

Early years Unit integration through Art

Little Oakridgers are courageous enough to take any challenge and look forward to learn new art styles. Early Years 1 integrated their unit on “Plants” in Visual Art by making a collage. They created a plant with all the essential elements that are required for the plant to grow. They have used different materials like wool, paper, crayon etc. to complete their work.

Where the EY1’s were into exploring plant, our little EY2 students were also actively involved to explore their integration of “Food” through Visual Art.

They did various practices related to food. First they differentiated the vegetables according to their shapes and colour. They applied their knowledge about shapes and color that they see in daily life through these drawings.

They also did vegetable printing. They have thoroughly enjoyed the printing technique and succeeded in the process. They used ladyfinger for printing on the given color paper. They diligently followed the instruction to create a coaster. At first they printed the coaster followed by making the border and other necessary things for their image.

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