Do you have a life-changing business idea? Here are some surefire tips to pitch your idea

Do you have a life-changing business idea? Here are some surefire tips to pitch your idea

For students who have incredible business ideas and want to transform them as a reality, Oakridge in association with Metamorphosis (Organiser) brings India’s biggest idea pitching event to Hyderabad.

Oakridge, one of the top International Schools in Hyderabad is sponsoring the Schoolpreneur Summit 2018 which has been scheduled to take place this December at its Gachibowli campus. The roadshow to be held on 17th November 2018. It’s a really cool opportunity for kids, to take their hobbies and interests and see if it’s a viable business idea. Do not miss this opportunity, if you own an idea that can impact people.

top International Schools in Hyderabad

Here are some tips that could help you pitch your idea confidently and present it like a born entrepreneur.

1. Calm your nerves before the presentation Be you. After all, it’s your own idea. You know better than anyone else does. So, be confident and don’t bother about any unexpected glitch during the presentation. All you need is to show the value of the business idea.

2. Craft an effective elevator pitch A good elevator pitch should last no longer than a short elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds, hence the name. The brief of what makes your idea or product unique has to be interesting, interactive, and succinct.

3. Credibility factors to be pitched early Let the judges know about all the positive and effective factors of your idea in the first few sentences itself. Be it the number of active users if it’s an app, units of shipment if it’s a product, size of business if it’s running, the result of implementation if it’s a facility, or any expansion of location, etc. Get those details into the minds of the judges as soon as you can so that the rest of your presentation will be taken more seriously.

4. Commend your team involved in the execution Be it your friends or your parents, don’t forget to mention how they are taking roles in this business and what all areas they handle.

If you don’t win it doesn’t mean your idea is bad. Take inspiration, work on it hard and prove your idea as one of the best solutions to the world. One of the companies that didn’t make it into the top three nevertheless had a great business with substantial revenue and the potential to be scalable and highly profitable. Pitch events can be fun. They can bring young startups attention and funding.

Please share your experience if you have already been to any idea pitching event that can help aspiring entrepreneurs win.

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