Creating a culture of compassion and kindness for students

Creating a culture of compassion and kindness for students

We all know that children learn what they see. To raise our children as caring kids, it is important to teach them compassion and kindness. There are many people today live with no shelter, no food, no sanitation, no money and lack of education. A little act of our kindness can change their lives.

Keeping this in mind, Oakridge inculcates the habit of sharing and joy of giving in students at an early age. The school start by teaching children to care about others every day with small activities throughout the year. Learning to be compassionate and share happiness with others shapes children’s values and provide opportunities to develop kindness.

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Being compassionate is being kind to everyone around us, be it for human, animal or nature. The school conducts various community service activities and provide opportunities to the students to help those who are in need of some support. Spoorthi is one of the activities when students spend their weekends to teach mathematics, science, and social sciences to the children of Oakridge’s Sahayak Staff. CAS program, which encourages students to take community service projects, and undertakes CAS trips. Oakridgers have contributed towards Habitat homes in villages of Karjat, Pondicherry, and Araku Valley as part of these CAS trips. They also spend some time to run a kitchen for orphanages for a day, visit old age homes or special needs facilities and teach govt. school children and organize sports day events for them.

Kindness in Oakridge students

This year, Oakridge, one of the top CBSE schools in Hyderabad has come up with a new idea to celebrate November as a Kindness month. The entire month has been celebrated being kind to others and performs random acts of kindness. But, it was heartening to see even the little learners enthusiastically took part in the celebration and donated ‘Happy Bags’ which had munchies, notebooks and pencil box to the underprivileged kids in the government schools. These children also taught science to the students using Science kits with immense happiness. They were delighted in showing their dance moves as well as speaking and recitation during their visit. Oakridge believes that the joy needs to be shared. Such an activity helps the children to reflect and brainstorm on what it means to give, share, and volunteer as responsible members of society.

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