Connecting to the real world

Connecting to the real world

Students of grade 8 MYP learnt about disaster management. When I came across an article that criticized the recent celebration of President Mugabe’s extravagant celebration of his 92nd birthday in the province of Zimbabwe which is hardest hit by drought, a natural disaster, I thought it to be a must take to the class. “Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s only leader since its independence from Britain in 1980, claimed no one would starve as a result of a drought which has left 3 million people in need and prompted the declaration of a state of disaster in most rural areas.This year’s celebration in the drought-battered Masvingo province proved particularly controversial. In Masvingo, 75% of the staple maize crop was destroyed by the parched conditions, making it the hardest-hit part of the southern African nation in the worst drought since the early 1990s.”- www.theguardian .com I brought the article to the class and asked students to read it, connect it to a Global Context and justify it. Students identified the global context such as “Fairness and Development” and “Globalization and sustainability”. They could justify their choice with valid reasons. It was indeed a pleasure to see how children could connect to real world happening. The way they justified their choice was worth listening. I could see our children growing into caring individuals who want to make a difference to the society – their opinion said it all. – Ms.Sony Sharma, I and S Facilitator, IB MYP.

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