Compassionate students from Oakridge donate over 3000 books for underprivileged

Compassionate students from Oakridge donate over 3000 books for underprivileged

Won’t you also agree that reading has changed our lives?

Reading opens up the reader to all sorts of people, places and ideas of this world. There are plenty of benefits of reading such as improving various skills that add value to life. In addition, it helps improving brain, reduces stress, improves memory, imagination, develops critical thinking, writing skills as well as builds vocabulary.

But unfortunately, that opportunity never came for some people. People who are underprivileged are deprived of reading books or getting an education. But we can do our bit and share what we have to help them to some extent to reach the opportunity. By donating books we can give them a life of opportunities to discover for themselves that might change their life. At Oakridge, also one of the best international schools in Gachibowli we conduct various CSR activities and make sure that our students learn to be empathetic and think for other people’s need.

Oakridgers Arnav Kamdar and Sree Sugunanjali Garapati along with Anirudh Reddy, Avyakth Reddy, Karthikrao Damera, Varun Chitturi and Smitha Chitturi of Grade 10 CBSE, organised a book donation drive as part of their SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action), a component in CBSE, in LandT Serene County. They gathered about 25 volunteers, students from various other schools and conducted a door to door drive collecting over 3000 books and over Rs 7000 cash for donations.

This drive will help set up more than 10 libraries in remote areas where people do not have access to books. For the book drive, our students connected with Food4Thought Foundation ( which is a non-profit organization. The foundation is working to create access to books, and reigniting the joy of reading across India. In their last 3 years journey, they have opened 175 libraries across 18 states ~ 60 cities, spanning across government schools, jails, community centres, hospitals, and public parks.

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