Career Counseling- Developing a Systematic Approach to Shape Student’s Future

Career Counseling- Developing a Systematic Approach to Shape Student’s Future

Oxford, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge; want your child to get into one of these top universities of the world for their higher education? To get in there, the process stems from the school itself when the kid is in Grade-6 and above. Earlier, people use to seek for career counselor only when applying for a job or looking for a career change. However, picking a career usually comes after picking a course. In case the student fails to pick the right course in right time, it would inadvertently affect their career choice. It is, therefore, further emphasizes the importance of timely career counseling during schooling years itself.

Let’s delve deeper into why should a school conduct career counseling for students at an early age. Choosing a career path is a major decision of life. Career counseling provides guidance and direction to students who are trying to choose a program of study or a career. It is a process that helps students to understand themselves and discover their true potential and interest. Guiding them at the right age will help them in various ways such as identifying skills and passion, finding meaningful work, reviving old passions, discovering new interests, staying motivated, and setting goals for their future.

The entire process typically follows with continuous career counseling to students as well as parents and advise them in selecting subjects/courses and the best career option as per the student’s interests. It helps students learn more about themselves, gain educational information, cope with challenges and develop decision-making skills. This apart, the career counselor support provides students a platform to strengthen their connections with the like-minded children of universities from across the world and help them get the latest information by organizing various seminars and fairs directly with the University representatives.

Today’s schooling is much more than academics! Nowadays, opportunities like building multi-faceted portfolios for students play an important role when looking for higher studies in some of the IVY-League Schools and Universities. Knowing that international exposure broadens the vision and enhances the personality of students, some of the Top International Schools today offer various exposures like Internships, national and international academic competitions, leadership development programs, summer courses, etc to build a multifaceted profile for the students.

Hence, some of the top International Schools in Hyderabad including Oakridge International School provides career counseling with various activities and opportunities to build and grow their portfolio and lead them towards making the right choice for their career.

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