“Book Your Time for Book Time”

“Book Your Time for Book Time”

An interesting reading session was organized at the Sr. Library for the teachers CBSE IX and X segment on Tuesday 26th April 2016, under the initiation and encouragement of Ms. Anuradha Vanta, CBSE Co-coordinator and Mr. Syed Siraj ul Hassan, Sr. school Librarian. The constructive session was held between 9A.M – 12 noon.

The session saw teachers arriving at the library a little before 9A.M.Each teacher settled themselves in tables with a book to utilize the next three hours in a productive engagement.

The session was an eye opener for all as it provided a respite from the daily, monotonous work schedule and gave each one of the faculties an opportunity to indulge in a hobby or leisure activity which has become an uncommon rarity.

Every teacher was asked to write review at the end of the reading session. The session ended at 12 noon and was much appreciated by all. andnbsp;We hope to have many more sessions in the near future.

Teachers’ Reflection:
I would like to thank my co-ordinator Ms.Anuradha Vanta for arranging this beautiful and leisurely session. Reading happens to be a favourite pastime of mine but today due to the demands of an exhaustive schedule both at work and at the personal front, I’m unable to find even an hour or two to indulge in this activity. Today’s session was really interesting and I, for sure can say that I enjoyed the peaceful three hours putting aside the demands of other pressure. Look forward to many more sessions in the near future. – Ms. Suchismitha

It was an enriching session. Teachers were encouraged to read fiction books and write a book review. It was indeed a pleasure reading the book and it gave a lot of insights into a different world altogether. – Ms. Gunjan

The book reading session was actually “nice”. I got to lay hands on a book that I had never even heard of and actually enjoyed it after a while. It helped me relate to a lot of stuff that happens in our day-to-day life and the session was a well-planned one. –Ms. Rachita Jaiswal

The reading session was quite engaging. Everyone around was engrossed in reading books. It’s been long that I sat through a book for 2 and a half hour at a stretch. I thoroughly enjoyed this session, as it saved me from engaging myself in non-constructive work. – Ms. Papia Chandra

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