Being the ‘Best International School in the country’ Takes Much More Than World-Class Infrastructure

Being the ‘Best International School in the country’ Takes Much More Than World-Class Infrastructure

The international education system has made a significant progress in recent years. The world-class infrastructure has a lot to do for successful studies in an international school. But, would you agree that only providing international standards of infrastructure for students is all about making it to the top most in the country. Establishing an international school and bringing it to the top list requires a specialized expertise. Oakridge is one among the best international schools offer well-refined syllabuses with curriculum like IB (International Baccalaureate) and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and sometimes along with national syllabus like CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), gives children opportunities with thorough knowledge in the subject and is highly competitive to meet the necessities in future. These world-class curriculum wears too many hats and gives children all-round development empowering them with a global perspective. Substantially, the education system needs to teach students any lesson by generating curiosity in them, so that they will continue the learning process all through their life. This is a keen observation in the most top International Schools in India.

An international school is an institution that follows both national and international curricula in an international environment that empower students to be an independent and confident being who can deal with any kind of challenges without any hesitation. Other than the infrastructure, an international school needs to surpass the imagination with an effective approach to teaching and learning that include educational programs, efficient teachers, strategies for students development, and much more. At Oakridge, considered as one of the top hubs for education in India, most of the learning occurs outside the classroom, which not only helps to build confident child but also nurtures them to be independent and future-ready. Oakridge Model United Nation (OAKMUN), Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, SGLI, Summer Camps are some of the national and international programs that Oakridge organizes every year. This apart, we also conduct various co-curricular activities as part of its interactive learning programs in the field of Music, Arts, Dance, Sports, Personality Development, etc. In a nutshell, Oakridge comes in a wide variety of curricula and approaches, offer students the opportunity to learn in a challenging and stimulating environment, and teach students that there’s a big world out there beyond just their own country and culture.

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